Qualities to Expect in a Great Mechanic

Finding a new mechanic can sometimes be a challenge. When searching for a new mechanic car owners can sometimes look for the perfect service provider, but there are a number of qualities which are common in the greatest mechanics. When assessing the suitability of a new mechanic, if you check they have these qualities, you are sure that your car is in good hands.

They love cars:

Great mechanics simply love cars. Whether they are working on an SUV, sedan, truck or van, they have an interest and passion for mechanics and motoring. This interest and passion increases their desire to continue to learn more about their area of expertise. Car performance functions and engines are constantly being developed and improved, therefore a great mechanic has the interest in the industry to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments.

They have had great training:

Great mechanics have had great training. The repair and maintenance of vehicles is very complex and therefore requires significant training. This should be a balance of academic theoretical training together with hands on practice. Great mechanics have certification from a professionally recognised board, to demonstrate that they have the capability to effectively work on certain brands or types of vehicles. Most modern cars have specific on-board computer systems which are used to diagnose faults and performance issues. Therefore, a good mechanic is confident in their knowledge of these diagnostic computers and electronic elements which control the systems of your vehicle. However, hands on experience cannot be replaced. A great mechanic should be confident with all of the numerous components which make up the various systems of your vehicle.

They read and research their industry:

It is usually a good sign when you are waiting in the reception area of a garage and see plenty of motoring magazines and publications. This is usually because the staff at the garage are passionate about cars and the motoring industry. They are keen to understand what developments are happening within the industry and are staying ahead of the trends. While many of us may be considering changing to a new technology such as a hybrid vehicle, a great mechanic will already be familiar with the technology and is ready to perform servicing or repair.

They are a great communicator:

A great mechanic can also convey their passion and understanding for motoring to even a layperson. A great mechanic understands that their average customer will not understand the intricacies of an engine, suspension or brake system. They appreciate that while this customer does not understand how their engine is malfunctioning, they wish to know what the repair will involve. These great communication skills allow the mechanic to explain the fault and potential repair path in simple to understand terms, without patronising their customer or making them feel silly. The great mechanic also appreciates that the customer will want to be kept informed about their vehicle repair and have any unforeseen issues discussed with them before proceeding.